ACTE Integrating Technologies


ACTE is a well-established consultancy and sales company with specialist knowledge in INDUSTRY, RAIL, IOT, ENERGY and MARITIME. We offer consultancy services, sale of quality products and project management to our customers in Denmark and abroad.

We spot customers’ often untapped potential and create strategic business development. We give advice and sell new customised value-adding and future-proof technological solutions.

We are the customers’ one-stop consultant, and we create flexible and cost-effective solutions with everything under the same roof. We have more than 30 years of specialist experience and know-how of the market and technological solutions. We take care of the entire process, from consultancy, innovation, project support and logistics to the final delivery — whether it is a product or a major project.

We have the largest range of quality products. From our partners, who are all leading suppliers worldwide, we carefully select first-class products. Our customers get not only the best quality solutions but also our expertise and knowledge of optimal integration of the products in the application and value creation.

We create technological solutions in close cooperation with the customer — solutions which create added value by way of fast time-to-market, competitive advantages and future proofing, among other things.

產 品

IOT Turnkey solution  for Home automation.

1.batteries : Coin cell  , Primary batteries

2.Crystals :MHZ Crystals , Oscillators , RTC , Watch crystals.

3.Passives : Capacitors

4.Saw filters :+1GHz Saw Filters , Sub 1GHz Saw Filters

5.Sensors  : Acceleration, Current , Humidity , Magnetic , Pressure , Temperature.




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